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New House of Cards Trailer Reveals Release Date For the 4th Season

He’s ambitious, he’s ruthless and he’s back. Time to rejoice Frank Underwood fans -the trailer for the fourth season of House of Cards has arrived.

Our protagonist is exactly as we remember him to be, and the new season surely promises us more cold-blooded slaughtering of anyone who stands in Frank Underwood’s way to glory. The trailer, a campaign video for Underwood’s character in the TV show, draws attention to the brilliant cruelty of his character. It juxtaposes the hollowness of his words of magnanimity with scenes of the violent acts he has committed along his journey of becoming the President.

The trailer is enough to stoke the curiosity of viewers, now that it’s been a while to the third season. The 4th installment of the show comes out on March 4th. Time to mark your calendars, boys and girls.

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