Decoded: Cool Collaborations by Koovs

There is a myriad of online shopping websites. Every small brand has made itself available on the World Wide Web. To choose to talk about Koovs is surprisingly easy. It stands out from the crowd – a success story always does.

Founded in November 2009, it is the only Indian online store  which compares closely to our ever-favourite ASOS. The best part? Their collections are always on-trend. Like a typical high street label, their stuff is young, hip and cheap. They’ve really upped their ante in the past couple of months since they’ve managed to bring some of the coolest British brands available here in India. We review each of the British brands they have to offer:

Henry Holland + Koovs


Let’s face it. Most of us would be saving for a long time before we can get our hands on an original piece by Versace, Maison Martin Margiela or Alexander Wang. Thankfully in the past couple of years, high-street maven H&M has presented us with considerably affordable collections by these designers. It’s a common practice aboard, a top fashion designer collaborating and designing an original collection for a high street brand. If you think about it, it’s a win-win for all. The brand gets publicity for working with famous names, and we can get out hands on amazing designs for amazing prices.

Till a year back the practice had barely made it to India. It’s safe to say that Koovs is spearheading a trend which we’re hoping catches onto other websites. The online store is now collaborating  and coming up with a limited edition clothing line with Henry Holland. Henry Holland is an English fashion designer, businessman and blogger famed for his colourful collections and his fashion house “House of Holland”. In an interview with Elle India, Holland said “ I think it’ll be difficult for me to build my own brand here, logistically speaking, so this is a great way for me to bring my name, aesthetic and design to the country. Hopefully, it’ll be a huge success and I’ll be back every year for more.”

The collection which launched on 15th May stays true to Henry Holland’s patent colourful prints. It currently consists of thirty two styles, which also includes funky glue-on nails.

Some of the other British Brands on Koovs:

New Look:

Much like H&M, Primark and Forever21 – New Look caters to the young, trendy and broke. On-trend and worth the money spent.  We do wish Koovs would bulk up their collection and add more accessories. Having tried and tested most of their stuff, their bestsellers would be their shoe collection.


Aztecs, Geometric prints.  Slightly old-fashioned than the others, it still has a huge fan base. They launch collections frequently with celebrities; the most recent one was with the Kardashian clan. They steer clear of punk fashion, sticking strictly to feminine separates. We’d recommend it as the go-to brand if you’re looking for fun dresses for nights out.


Slightly over-priced (comparatively) they offer a whole lot of bows, frills, skater skirts. Nothing too fancy – invest in this brand if you’re looking for daily staples.


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