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Mumbai Chaiwalas Are Now Taking Orders Online

E-commerce brought a revolution in our lives and changed the way we shop. We buy books, groceries, magazines, clothes and food online these days. And there is a new addition in this list, Chai. Indians love their milk tea with extra sugar, Malai marke. In Mumbai now, you can order your favorite chai online.


ChotuChaiWala is an initiative by, an E-commerce website development platform. After being fascinated by the chaiwalas of Mumbai for so long, Zepo decided to support them by getting them to sell online so they could reach a much wider audience.

The company has built a website which aptly named, through which people can order their chai.  The chaiwala gets an SMS from the Website people and they get the tea delivered. Zepo tied up with 4 different chaiwalas in Bandra to start off and started operations in May. They mentioned on their website that they set up their online store within one day and added all the ‘products’ and features to make the eCommerce website fully functional.


The company has also provided customized T-Shirts and paper cups to help them market their online store to customers. At present, the delivery service is available in Bandra, catering to the people from Waterfield Road, Linking Road, National College, Post Office and Hill road. They provide you with three different packages – one week, two week and one month subscription.

The number of orders on the website is growing by the day, on an average each of the 4 chaiwalas who tied up with the website are receiving 70 order every day. ChotuChaiWala plans to expand to South Mumbai pretty soon. If all goes well, they might just have other cities in their radar as well.

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