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Meet the Censored Sanskari James Bond In Theatres Near You

Do you remember Fifity Shades of Grey, the book? Fast-forward to Fifty Shades of Grey, the movie…in Indian theatres. The censor board had chopped off so much of the film that it was almost admissible as a family movie. Now, let’s talk about the upcoming James Bond movie, Spectre – the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) has allegedly cut out almost 50% of Bond’s kissing scenes. Not the entire thing, mind you, just half of it. You know why? Because the CBFC doesn’t have a problem with kissing, as long as it comes with a time limit. Obviously.

Now, the only two possible reasons for this censorship could be –

a. Too much kissing equals to too much sexy.

b. Too much kissing equals to Bond being too passionate, which is obviously detrimental to his otherwise macho side.

For the sake of everything amusing, let us for sometime believe that the latter is true; and for a little more amusement let us read a quote from an alleged source:

“Both of Daniel Craig’s kisses with his co-stars have been reduced by 50 per cent. The censor board had nothing against James Bond kissing. But the length of the kisses were found to be unnecessarily excessive,”

Thank you CBFC, for telling us what is necessary and what isn’t. Where would our country be without your traditional values? Further reports suggest that there have been four cuts made in total, two of Craig’s romantic scenes and two for excessive use of profanity.

Picking up on this Twitterati immediately took to creating a hashtag, #sanskarijamesbond.

Are you up for a sanskari James Bond in theatres near you? Leave your views on the latest censor-board developments in the comments below. 

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