Everything You Need To Know About Spectre Before Watching It This Friday

Spectre is the twenty-fourth installation of the James Bond series. This might also be the last time you’ll see Daniel Craig reprising the role of the British spy. The film has already premiered in the U.S, but will be premiered here in India, on Friday. Here are a couple of things you should know before you catch the movie in theatres.


Is actually an acronym for “Special Executive for Counter-intelligence, Terrorism, Revenge and Extortion.” It is a super secret rogue organization whose main aim is to undermine all the governments of the world so that they can one day rule it. Yes, that’s what Sam Mendes (the movie director) thinks about in his pass time.



The Bond movies are definitely known for their promotion of the so-called high-life, and this time the film was shot in seven different locations namely – London, Rome, Mexico City, Tangier (Morocco), and Sölden in Austria. Where is your next stop going to be?



Honestly speaking, almost every element of the Bond films are as characteristic, as popular and as important than the other. And one of the major components that make a Bond film the way it is; is it’s music/soundtrack. This time, once again we will hear a soundtrack created by Thomas Newman, who also worked on Skyfall with the same team. Remember Adele’s Skyfall? Well, this time you’ll hear Sam Smith crooning to the OST for Spectre.


This time, along with Bond himself being a brand, the film will bring together a stellar cast which includes Ralph Fiennes as M, Ben Whishaw as Q, Naomi Harris as Moneypenny, joined by Andrew Scott, David Bautista, and Christoph Walt (who is obviously the villain).


What is a Bond film without a Bond girl? Oh, but did we mention this one will have TWO Bond girls? Yes well, it is Monica Bellucci and Lèa Seydoux.

Lèa Seydoux

Monica Bellucci and James Bond in Spectre


The Bond Car is almost as famous as the Batmobile, and this time, yet again, it is going to be the Aston Martin DB10.

Spectre Aston Martin DB10


Bond owns a plethora of tech gadgets that help him in being the spy that he is, however, there is one outstanding classic piece of erstwhile technology that he holds on to – the good old watch. This time Omega has created a Spectre Limited Edition Seasmaster 300 which gives Bond his extra edge. We all dearly hope that Bond never ever switches to the smartwatches. Ever.

Omega Spectre


By now, if we go to see, James Bond really seems to need a lot of accessories to make him into the suave spy that he is. But, despite that, it is his suits that really bring the cool factor in. This year Tom Ford O’Conner has slightly customized his suits since Skyfall, and we will see them on screen in Spectre. Here’s a peek:

Tom Ford Spectre

Of course, these aren’t the only things that you’ll get to see in Spectre, but to find out the rest, you’ll just have to watch the movie when it releases near you. Until then, let us know everything you know about Spectre and James Bond in the comments below.



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