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5 Real-Life Fashion Industry Bosses For Your Devil Wears Prada Dream

Style invades our world through pages of glossy Fashion Magazines. Every month, a million women dive into these fashion bibles and drink in all their content on fashion and beauty.


While we are busy tracking the pretty faces and hot bods of the models and celebrities spread over these magazines, we miss out on the editors who gift them their look and shape.

We would hence like to surprise you with the editors of popular Indian Fashion Magazines – who are all women, well into their late 30’s , and unmarried by choice. We are sure their chic dressing and unmatched style will make you marvel at their life, and wonder why  you never knew them before. Here is to these super women, who are living life on their terms, fashionably!

Priya Tanna (@priyatanna), Editor-in-Chief, Vogue India 


If there’s one word that defines her – its perseverance. She is known to have pursued the legendary designer Valentino for six entire months, before he finally agreed to hand her an exclusive with him. This woman does not take no for an answer and has practically been dreaming of heading Vogue, since the impressionable age of 13. Passion rules her and sheer hard work guides her.

Nishat Fatima (@nishfat), Editor, Harper’s Bazaar India  


No one embodies sophistication like Nishat does. A petite figure, she glides across The India Today office, in a grey haired boy cut that only she can carry off with unmatched elegance. A woman who commands the lasting love and immediate respect of all, Nishat is known for spotting talent, people, trends and stories before anyone else. Spear heading the magazine of the niche class , she is one woman you will be truly inspired from.

Nandini Bhalla (@nandinibhalla), Editor, Cosmopolitan India

nandini 3

A face you can’t miss, or forget. She is the stereotypical head-turner , even in a sea full of great looking people. Young, fun and extremely stylish Nandini Bhalla is known for her speedy journey from being an intern at Cosmo, to heading it as the editor over a span of just 10 years. Powerful and proud, she has paved her way to the highest rung of the Indian fashion scene and has been the muse for many.

Aishwarya Subramanyam (@otherwarya), Editor-in-Chief, Elle India


A strong woman, who plans her life down to the last detail; Aishwarya leaves luck with no chance to alter her destiny without her approval. This may be the reason why her career shows an upward graph from the initial days, when she tested the waters as a features writer, set designer and abstractor before finally settling down as the Editor at Elle. Aishwarya exudes how the sky is the limit for any person who has strong self belief along matched with discipline.

Mehernaaz Dhondy (@Mehernaaz), Editor-in-Chief, Grazia India


Humility and Loyalty are the defining stripes of this tigress. Sitting at the highest rung, she still likes to relate herself to the average woman. Mehernaaz believes in being open to change and adapting oneself to the surroundings. Her affable aura is charming, and she exhibits the super powers of every girl-next-door.

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