Hemmistry : The One Brand Every Gentleman Must Own

Ever wondered what it is about a man in a suit that gets women staring? “A well tailored suit means to women what lingerie means to men” answers Aamir Baig, the young designer behind the fashion brand – Hemmistry.

Hemmistry is the capital’s new favorite venture into the unexplored world of customized formal suits and shoes for men. Eight months into business, the brand already boasts of a niche clientele and happy investors. Recently, the founder Aamir Baig hosted a solo exhibition for Hemmistry at the posh DLF Emporio, and attracted quite a few eyeballs.

“I want Hemmistry to become men’s alternative to ridiculously expensive brands for their formal wear needs, by being equally classy, yet original in its offering” he asserted.

aamir baig phWhat sets Hemmistry apart from the saturated market of designers is its founders’ involvement and customization at every level.

“Hemmistry is not just about making a suit and selling it off. I invest time in personally visiting my clients, understanding their needs, observing their body type, and suggesting different textiles, colours, and patterns that will complement their frame. I not only design a suit for them, but also show them how to wear it. I am my client’s designer and stylist.”

An inspiration to many young people who wish to start their own business, the founder of Hemmistry tells us how it all started. Back in college, one evening his friends were discussing their placement and future plans when he blurted out his idea of building up his own fashion brand.

“Having let the thought out, that evening, I seriously considered giving it shape. At a big Christmas event a few days later, attended by the capital’s dignitaries, I decided to dress in one of my own creations. I made myself a blue tuxedo, with black lapels and only when people started appreciating me in it, did I reveal that I had designed it myself. One thing led to the other, and at 12 PM, that night, I met my future investor and partner, Samir Evan Jain. It was his belief in me and my designs that made Hemmistry what it is today.”

Thus, Aamir Baig and Samir Evan Jain built Hemmistry to its current reputation solely through known clients, great products and positive word of mouth. In a quirky twist of fate, the founder credits not getting an education in fashion as his trump card over other designers today.

“The fact that I din’t go to a design institute like them is my biggest edge over others. You need to understand that the kind of people I befriended at Stephen’s College – Delhi University, had the financial ability and professional network to give me a strong word of mouth. These have today become my niche clientèle, that a lot of designers spend years and millions trying to capture.”

Hemmistry is the product of its founder’s sheer hard work and perseverance. Today, it has two factories for the manufacture of shoes and suits each, and releases its own catalog of designs. But setting up shop wasn’t easy. Aamir shares how for a good five months, he was running around on his feet, understanding the market, the suppliers and the business of fashion. ”My family thought I was crazy, not getting a proper job, and getting ripped off by every possible person in the market.”

Hemmistry Aamir 19

Having won over criticism, failure, hard times and doubts, Aamir finally aced the game with making suits that reflected a new dawn of masculinity.

”Hemmistry is all about being classy and exclusive. I will transform your entire look, in a manner that you couldn’t have believed, possible. I have dressed men in Olive green coloured and Baby Pink coloured suits, and they have loved it. These men were just as colour blind to blue, black and grey, as many out there. Its not only about making men fashionable, but also teaching them how.”

With the growing number of men spending time, money and effort on their personality – Hemmistry’s mantra of providing them with an image makeover along with designer clothes is quite attractive. The founder tells us, that even back in college, he used to dress up well and got quite the attention for it. “Trust me, women like to be around a guy who knows his fashion well. And what better than one who can even advise them on their sense of style!

aamir final2Aamir Baig has brought up Hemmistry as his first child and is no mood to relinquish his rights over it with collaborations, any time soon. ” I want to keep Hemmistry exclusive, but in the future, I will open its sister company to offer designer products online.’

Hemmistry styles a man after carefully studying him and letting him flirt with different textiles and patterns to discover what suits him best. It epitomizes the founder’s personal belief.

“I too learnt fashion by trying it. I used to buy cheap shirts off the street, and then get them altered according to my needs. What’s interesting is that even if i passed them off as being expensive, no one would come to know… and that’s because I knew my style, and was comfortable in it.”

In the next post, Trend Police will take you to the factories of Hemmistry, the ground where legendary  suits take shape. Stay tuned.

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