Travel Tips to Jot Down for Your Motorcycle Diaries

It is the perfect weather to ditch the city and head out on a bike trip. The feel of the sun and the open highways, always tempt you to head to an unknown destination. There are no particular rules for a road trip, just guidelines. No one teaches you what to carry along with you; experience does.

So here is a list of suggestions to make your road trip comfortable, safe and memorable:

Lightweight fabric clothes


Lightweight fabrics like cotton are easy to wash and can be hung and dried overnight. It is especially useful for trips during the summer. Though, winter has a different story to tell. Make sure your winter outfit does not need much care and is made for the rugged outdoors, like leather jackets with a thermal underneath. Protective gear like elbow pads, gloves and knee pads are recommended.

Physical Map

road trip map

In the tech world, a physical map seems quite redundant. But on a bike trip, physical maps are the most important thing to carry in your backpack. True, we have our mobile phones where we can look up directions using Map apps, but what do you do when your device is drained out? Also, using Maps on mobile phones consume battery life very quickly. Hence, carry a physical map.

A GPS is also a handy tool to carry along with you. And it is cheap!

Tool Kit

tool kit

Primary tools like an air pump, wrench set, pliers, multipurpose hand tool, flashlight, rolls of duct are essential during a long road trip. These tools can come in handy if your bike breaks down in the middle of the road and there is no repair shop for miles together. It is wise to carry an extra pair of your motorcycle’s keys along.

Saddle Bags

saddle bag

Saddle bags of various sizes are very useful. Various pockets in the saddle bag allow you to keep your stuff organized and enables you to retrieve particular items without unpacking the entire bag.

To make more space in the bag, make sure you roll up your clothes instead of folding them. This makes more room for your stuff.

Use of earphones


Although talking on the phone while riding is unsafe, a pair of earphones will be able to help you to pick up or make emergency calls during the trip. Earphones also assist in protecting your ears because no matter how sound proof your helmet may be, air turbulence can cause damage to your ears. A road worthy playlist is recommended.

Toiletries and other essentials


Make sure you carry disposable tissue papers and hand sanitizers along with you. Sunglasses are very necessary to protect you from the glare and sunscreen is recommended to protect your skin from being overexposed to the intense rays of the sun. In addition to this, always carry a small first-aid box with essential medicines and antiseptics for unexpected injury during the trip.


motorbike go pro

A road trip by a bike is memorable and is worth treasuring. Unless you are a professional travel journalist or photographer, a small digicam is recommended to capture your memories. Digicams are small and easy to carry as they use disposable batteries and give decent photo quality. A GoPro is a massive plus point, as it captures pictures at an angle of 180 degrees.


Make photocopies of all your documents: driver’s license and registration, emergency contact information, bike and health insurance. Use a waterproof bag to store the documents.



Always keep your phone on a full charge before leaving for a trip. The battery can be saved by using the Power-Saver mode and by not using Internet data while on the road. You don’t know when you need to make an emergency call. Carry a spare phone if possible.



Lastly, make sure everything in your bike is in proper condition. These include brakes, clutches, headlights, taillights and the engine. Make sure your tires are properly inflated and check the engine oil, coolant and brake fluid.

Have a safe ride!

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