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Dior’s New Ad With Rihanna as the Muse Will Leave You Breathless

Dior’s new ad campaign, features a black muse, for the first time in its 70 year old high-fashion history. The idea behind the ad is to display the wild and exotic sexuality that a black woman exudes and to symbolize the bold new flashy collection of hand bags by Dior.

Far from its classic pieces in solid yet muted colours, this new collection by Dior is about being ungovernably sexy and unashamedly bright. Rihanna does complete justice to her role of the Royal bad girl, enthralling you in the first few seconds of the ad. The back drop of a dark night set against the beautifully lonely, secret gardens of Versailles add to the mystery of the entire scene and keeps the audience hooked.

The video showcases the Dior bag in half-hidden moonlight, and moves on to give us a tantalising trailer of Rihanna’s upcoming R8 studio album, ‘If only for a night’.

This ad compliments the heady sexuality of a dark woman and empowers her as a royal princess. Watch pure magic unfold in the video below:


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