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Beauty Lesson : Here’s Why You Need to Switch Up to Forest Essentials

Luxurious Ayurveda. The term might give the idea that you’ll be buying expensive beauty products, when you could be whipping up masks with directions given by your grandmother. “A tablespoon of greek yogurt, a squeeze of lemon and a dollop of honey”. Yes, we’ve all heard it from our mothers and their mothers. But what if there were professionals spending days and hours on scientific research, perfecting natural beauty creams suited for every skin type?

That’s exactly the core behind the brand ‘Forest Essentials’. In their words, it’s a beautiful blend of traditional knowledge and modern science. So basically, think of your grandma’s beauty secrets being tried, tested, approved and certified by professionals and delivered to you in beautiful packages. Okay, not so much delivered, but it only requires a short visit to their store. Which, we should add, is a whole experience in itself.

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We managed to score ourselves a tête-à-tête with Dr Ipsita Chatterjee, Senior Manager at Forest Essentials. Trend Police sat down for an hour long personal session where we discussed how different elements of a person’s personality should mould their daily beauty regime. We were asked to answer a bunch of simple questions about our daily routine and skin type, before we started. Based on our answers, a select few Forest Essentials products were picked out for us. We tried and tested the chosen concoctions – and they worked wonders.

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Dr Ipsita Chatterjee, Senior Manager, explaining the benefits of Ayurveda.

The one product we’d recommend without a moment’s hesitation is the Hydrating Sea Salt Crystal Rose body polisher. Unlike the usual body scrubs which tend to leave your skin dry and flaky, this one left a smooth and hydrating effect. The gentle exfoliater is a blend of raw crystal sea salts with Ayurvedic herbs, which are responsible for the softness. Another big lesson learnt – the more the lather doesn’t necessarily equate to cleaner skin, it only means that there are more chemicals in the product you’re using.

The session was eye opening to say the least. It seems like we aren’t paying nearly enough importance to Ayurveda. Just as it’s important to dress according to the season, (light cottons for summers, woollens for winter), it is equally important to apply the right creams. In fact, if you think about it, you’re applying it onto your skin, which penetrates, assimilates and affects the way you look and feel. Reason enough to be paying closer attention?

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Although the Trend Police team was fortunate to get personal attention from Dr Ipsita, we were assured any customer walking into a Forest Essentials store can expect the same treatment. When the attendant helps you pick out a particular product, we suggest you take her seriously and here’s why.

Every single person working as a staff at the store goes through vigorous training sessions before they step in to help out. Not only that, every couple of months, they are required to take refresher courses to keep themselves updated about what’s happening in the beauty industry. Also, every time a new product enters the market, the Forest Essentials staff all over the country is taught about its benefits, skin suitability, etc.

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So next time you’re thinking about stepping up your beauty game, stop by at a Forest Essentials store for a personal session. Your beauty regime will take a turn in the right direction – it is exactly the same as cutting processed foods out and welcoming an all natural diet.

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