Burberry Creates a Buzz with its Customizable ‘My Burberry’ Perfume Bottle

The house of Burberry can be credited for its luxury accessories, the now-iconic trench coat and the unique tartan patterns which have become the sought-after motifs in fashion. The line which perhaps doesn’t get the attention it requires are Burberry’s exclusive line of fragrances. Most of the perfume bottles are adorned with the company’s signature tartan.

The newest Burberry scent to arrive is the ‘My Burberry Eau De Parfum’. Its scent celebrates the spirit of individuality in a woman. The fragrance is a classic, green-oriental mix of fruits, sweet, nutty essences, amber, vanilla and Tonka bean.


‘My Burberry’ hit the market in September 2014 and was inspired by the trendy trench coat  and a London garden after rain (typical English weather). The bottle matches the features of the iconic Burberry trench coat: boldly finished cap along with a hand-tied bow, the English-woven gabardine. The bottles are only available in store, and include an interesting complimentary monogram service. They personalise your fragrance with your initials. The fragrance is long lasting and evokes the feeling of sophistication, one of Burberry’s core values

We do hope that the same service arrives for Men soon.

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