Do the Rex : The Game-Changing Indian Condom Ad

It isn’t every day that a Bollywood movie star graces his presence in a condom ad. More so, it isn’t everyday that a movie star performs a hilarious raps in a condom ad. Ranveer Singh makes frequent appearances  in gossip columns. And why not? He’s young, dates some of  the hottest actresses in the industry and is always up for a party.  This time, he is in spotlight for one of the better reasons. Durex, in an excellent rebranding strategy, promote the sex instead of simply pushing the brand forward. Featuring the actor on a stage setting, Ranveer demonstrate a new dance move called ‘The Rex’ — a post-sex celebratory dance. With the tagline “When you have great sex, you do The Rex”, the actor performs a rap extolling the virtues of a great sex life.

Directed by Karan Kapadia,’The Rex’ choreographed by Bosco-ceaser the ad is a refreshing change to see Ranveer Singh singing a rap for raising an awareness rather than the censored advertisements where people talk in codes. The majority of condom ads till date have made us switch channels, this one is definitely an exemption.

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