Let Yourself Grow with Visa on Arrival

Summer Holidays are here and most of your friends might have already planned their excursions. You might want to do the same but you have already seen all there is to be seen in India.  Though there are countless amazing places to explore in our massive country, the prospect of international travel always entices us.


It may appear useless, but you can make the best out of it.

If you own an Indian passport, you might already be aware of the massive limitations of that document. Being a citizen of India is sometimes a gigantic pain in the bum. When you do get to travel you have to shell out thousands on visa and wait weeks for it, while your European, American, English, Australian friends just pack their bags and they are off.

There are three forms of visas for tourists; first is Tourist Visa required before travel. Visa on Arrival is the second kind in which you may or may not pay for the Visa when you land in the country. The third kind is Visa free where you just need to have your passport on.

Through some international treaties Indians can now travel to about 50 countries around the world using Visa on Arrival facility. Now this is still not Visa free travel but it opens the door to new experiences, going to lands which are not yet known to the world.

Money has always been a deterrent for Indians to travel anywhere abroad. But it is a myth just like Thor or Batman. You can get some amazing deals with travel operators and they can sometimes be cheaper than that clichéd Goa trip.

Thai Land market

The number of Indian tourists in Thailand has grown recently.

Some of the nations have for long given this facility and have in turn been appreciated and economically benefited by the giant Indian population. Thailand is one of those countries which have earned millions in tourism funds through Indians.

Traveling is absolutely necessary for maturing as a human being. Firstly, it clears the myths and stereotypes about a place. Secondly, it gives a chance to learn about a whole new culture. Lastly and most importantly it gives you a chance to try out some wonderful flavors from around the world.

Choosing a place less traveled to also has its perks. The people of such places are always more inviting then places that are “tourist infested”. As you are as exquisite a person to the residents as they are to you, you get to learn a lot more. Pick up a book of local folk tales, it will help you identify with them strangers.

Philippine folk talesjpg

Folk tales are great for learning new Cultures.

There are many who say that the list is tiny and there aren’t any good countries. But the fact there is a lot more awesome sites in the “non-cool” countries. At this point you may want to type the phrase “places to see before you die” on Google and you’ll see that a lot of those incredible places are accessible with the Indian passport. So you should have no qualms in ditching the Eiffel tower or the Vatican for some those captivating destinations.

But if there is a country that you have longed to go to, we would advise you to save money, get your visa and get there. Some of the greatest ideas have ventured into the minds during there time traveling or being away from home. It is this departure from familiar circumstances that lets us learn survival skills and gain mental maturity. The internet can never replace the real feel and exuberance of being at a whole new place with new sights, new smells and new experiences.

So pick a spot, pack up and go explore the brilliant blue planet.

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