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John Oliver Comically Takes On a Voilent Police Force

The American town of Ferguson has been in the news for all the wrong reasons over the past week. It began with the shooting of an unarmed African American teenager named Michael Brown. He was shot by a local policeman which led to severe protests from the residents that has lasted all throughout the past week. The protestors are getting immense support from the biggest politicians and prominent names in the country.

Now American talk show host and comedian John Oliver takes on the Police Department of Ferguson, Missouri on his show Last Week Tonight. He bashes all grounds of debate in his witty yet explosive account of the incident and everything that it implies. And we mean everything!

Far from mainstream reporting, Oliver’s Gonzo style of delivering actual news-worthy content packaged in a highly critical yet comic tone is as interesting as it’s depressing. Well, mostly. Here’s what he thinks about a white police officer from the local Police Department shooting a black teenager named Michael Brown in the racially disturbed town of Ferguson, Missouri.

It bears a powerful comment on America being converted into a police state. He mocks the soldiers who are foolishly clad in camouflaged uniforms in the middle of a city, pointing their guns toward an unarmed black civilian. The sensitive issues of race and rapid militarization of the Police Department in America could not have been wielded more brilliantly. Wouldn’t you agree?

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