This Rainforest Alliance Ad Campaign is Hilarious

“Follow the Frog” is the new anthem adopted by Rainforest Alliance, an NGO that devises strategies to keep the major drivers of deforestation and environmental destruction at bay. “Follow the frog” refers to the frog-bearing logo printed on the packaging of eco-friendly products as promoted by the organization. They are interested in preserving the rainforest which are being cut down at an alarming rate while coming up with better alternatives to joining a hopeless resistance movement.

The 3-minute video captures the devastation caused to nature by mankind. It is juxtaposed with a spontaneous reaction of a working man hoping to be be a good person by joining the “revolution” with the natives.  Written, directed and edited by Max Joseph, the awesome video bears a comment on how man is only capable of thinking in terms of ideology that’s really good for nothing. Check it out.

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