Hip-Hop Legends Wu-Tang Clan Reunite on ‘The Daily Show’

The legendary Hip-Hop band Wu Tang Clan debuted with their album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) nearly two decades ago. Little did the clan know that they were creating history as they kick-started the alternative movement in Hip Hop music. Their 1993 album would go on to become the blueprint of hardcore hip-hop during the 90’s.

Reakwon and Ghostface’s rhyme styles inspired East Coast hip-hop artists, including Kanye West and Jay Z, while the record was landmarked as one of the greatest hip-hop albums of all time.

The entire band appeared on The Daily Show to talk with Jon Stewart about the reunification of the clan as their brand new album A Better Tomorrow is releasing this November and features the exceptional gems of hip-hop. Although, the official date hasn’t been announced yet. But that shouldn’t keep us from getting excited as the band has come together to work for a better tomorrow and they probably mean it.

Watch Wu Tang Clan debuting with Ron O’ Neil on The Daily Show:

Feeling excited already? Well, Trend Police attempts to unravel facts that you probably don’t know about the band that helped carve out the entire course of modern hip-hop music:

1. ‘Bring The Ruckus’ from the 1993 Wu Tang (36 Chambers) was a result of a sample audio alternated by bits of lyrical performance in between, while the songs that never made it to the final album include ‘Problemz’, ‘Wu Is Coming Through’ , ‘Wu Tang Master’, and ‘It’s all about me’.

2. We all know what GZA means by ‘pass the bone’ in the song ‘Clan In Da Front’. But apart from the obvious hidden innuendos, the line also indirectly makes a passing reference to his former unsuccessful career with Cold Chillin’ Label, at a time when he went by the name of Genius. The track was left off his debut album Words From The Genius (1991), but was later released in 1994.

3. Imagine Ghostface walking up to a local store to pick and pocket some food to feed the clan. Yes, that’s a true story! He would shoplift food cans as their budget didn’t allow for much. They were pretty much used to the low budget life too. So Ghostface would put on his oversized coat to stack all the food inside his pockets, and simly walk out the door.


4. While the clan compromised on the indoctrinated values of yore by stuffing themselves with stolen food, they are believed to have paid the Blues artist Syl Johnson handsomely for using a sample from his song ‘Different Strokes’ in ‘Shame On a Nigga’. “I’m sitting in the house now that was built with Wu Tang money!” Johnson claimed in a 2010 interview.

5. The mysterious masked men on the cover of their debut album Enter the Wu Tang ( 36 Chambers ) have long intrigued the fans, as the cover only features 6 members of the clan, hiding their faces behind stocking masks. The rumor goes that while some of the members weren’t comfortable for various reasons, some people from the management team had to take over to complete the album cover shoot.

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