Top 5 Online Stores Where You Should Shop For Your Pets

Rather than making that tedious trip to get the bulk of supplies needed to keep your special family member satisfied, why not get the toys and treats delivered to your door-step? It’s easy, hassle-free and these online pet stores offer a wide variety.

Here are top 5 online pet stores that deliver all over India:

1. Pet Shop 18


Packed with all the things you might need for your pet, be it a dog, cat, fish or bird, Pet Shop 18 has everything stocked up for you in advance. It stands out from all the other stores in terms of shipping. They make sure that the products are delivered the same day the order is received. Quick delivery and a wide range of products and services meant for a wider range of pets and pet needs, makes them a good option for exploring and learning about your sweet friend.

Shipping is only free for orders worth Rs. 500 and above. Cash on delivery is available and their unused products can be returned for exchange or money back, within a span of 10 days. The site has a brand index where you can find your favorite brand and look for available products under that brand name.

2. Pets World


Pets World started in the year 2011 and it has a pretty informative interface. They have a blog for pet care tips and advice, which is extremely helpful about everything you might want to know about your furry, feathery, four-legged or aqua friend.

Shipping is free all over India with no minimum order requirements. Refund/replacements of unused products can be made within 10 working days. There is no Cash On Delivery option which is probably the only disadvantage they have.

The best part about Pets World is that they offer freebies and free vet consultancy with each order.

3. Pets Go Nuts

Goldfish in an aquarium

The Mumbai-based e-portal Pets Go Nuts caters to the needs of cats, dogs, birds, fish and other smaller animals. They have a wide range of categories to choose from like foods and treats, toys and accessories, hygiene and grooming, bowls and feeders, and supplements and periodics. Replacements can be made within 4 working days without exceptions. There is no cash-back option even if the products turn out to be defective, but they can always be returned and replaced.

Shipping is only free for and above an order of Rs. 699. A minimal charge of Rs. 49 has to be paid for shipping otherwise. Delivery time is one week, if it is to be made within a reachable distance that is. It may take over a week or two if the package has to be delivered to a far-off place.

The website also features new products in the market and makes them available for pre-order. Delivery for such products can take 2-4 weeks to arrive at your doorstep. That’s a long haul but you have got to wait for some of the best things in life. Payments can be made online via Debit cards/ Credit cards/ Netbanking.

4. Indian Pet Store.


It probably lacks merely in its range of pets it caters to. Indian Pet Store features all the products and essentials for dogs and cats, but none other. They have food, medicine, toys and treats, and grooming and petcare products. They run a pretty informative site with a blog that goes by the same name. It throws light on how to handle your pets including tips and advice from experts in the field. There are no delivery charges applicable on orders worth Rs. 500 and above. Delivery time takes 6-7 working days.

They have the coolest return policy according to which you can return their product for a full refund within 20 days. Seems like you have a long time to decide whether the stuff you ordered works for your pet. Cash-on-delivery along with other online payment methods are available.

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