5 Unbelievable Drawings That Look Like Photographs

While a camera only mirrors what lies in front it, these talented souls go a step further and mimic reality. They work their magic that’s in their hands and add an extra something that makes these images stand out of the ordinary.

They are so flawless at imitating life and creation, that it’s hard to believe that the images are in fact paintings and sketches, and NOT the work of a machine. This art-form is known as hyper-realism or photo-realism.

Here are 5 amazing hand-drawn images that look like photographs, done by extremely talented artists:

1. Omar Ortiz

Based in Mexico city, the artist enjoys creating skin tones under natural light. He values simplicity that resonates throughout his work, where human body is predominate.


Oil on linen


2. Paul Cadden

He was born in Glasgow and has worked as a 3D illustrator. The Scottish artist believes in ‘intensifying the normal.’ His subjects include everyday objects and ‘scenes of people.’


Pencil and paper


3. Kamalky Laureano

An artist based in Mexico city, he’s best known for his hyper-realistic paintings of portraits. The image below is called ‘The Dream of Change’ and was done in 2010.



4. Zaria Forman

The 31-year old artist hails from New York and uses her fingers for brushes to recreate the images of ice and water. Inspired by her mother, she undertook an expedition to the Arctic and felt the need to encapsulate the experience in her work.



5. Dirk Dzimirsky

The hyperrealistic works of the German artist are truly fascinating as he tries to capture a person’s ‘presence’ and ‘ specific inner self.’ Through his detailed work, he aspires to frame a story for his audience to sit back and listen, as if it were music.


Pencil on paper


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