American Superheroes Reincarnated as their Indian Avatars

What is the single thing that can complement a country sitting at the crossroads of various cultures shooting out in different directions? ART can!

A Delhi-based digital artist, Raj Kamal recreates famous American superheroes for a culturally diverse Indian audience. The amazing thing is that he makes these American characters seem a lot more interesting as he adds color according to the popular Indian stereotypes befitting the character’s personality.

Trend Police brings you the top picks featuring Raj Kamal’s brilliant artwork from his series Superheroes in India:

1. Flash as Mumbai’s dabbawallah.


2. Robin as a gay Bengali dude.


3. Wonder Woman as India’s Mona Lisa, Bani Thani.

wonder woman

4. Wolverine as a guy from Bihar who likes to eat a lot. (Inspired by the artist’s friend)


5. Spiderman as a lean, naughty Sardar.


6. Hulk as a proud Hindu Pandit.


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  1. TheHUNTER

    doesnt make sense..a Sikh being so Skinny even after being a pure “FODDIES” and a Pandit being so..BUFFED..O.o..!!

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