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Bizarre Beard Trend Marks The Comeback of ‘Hipster’

It might seem weird at first, but if you look at it with an open mind, it actually looks kind of cool. Some of the guys in the US are working this trend of adorning their beards with flowers of all kinds. It’s the comeback of the hipster who defies the norm to make his presence felt, and mimed.

Have a look at some of the flower beards:

1. A pretty (strange) flower garden.

britt flowler

2. A fancy bouquet gone wrong.


3. The Red hair and white buds working well together.


4. Curls, ink, and a flower dotted beard.


5. Jesus reincarnated as a flower bearded hipster. A sentence we never thought we’d say (or type.)

iris bjork

6. The flowers look great. Though, plucking them out with a blade doesn’t seem like the wisest idea.


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