Here’s How You Can Order Tailor-Made Shirts Online

There is a plethora of websites  which can be used to customize t-shirts online. They allow you to play around with the colour, text and even allow you to add images. But this is something new. Vitruvien, a men’s clothing brand, offers a service of designing and delivering quality custom-made formal shirts for men.

Vitruvien  is delineating a non-conventional shopping experience for men who can get their shirts custom-made through this online platform within an affordable price range. Rajesh Goradia, the Founder, says that bespoke menswear is meant for the ideal Indian Man who has his own unique style identity and who wants his shirts to fit well and look good. Customizing your clothing according to your body’s fit is bound to make you feel comfortable and look better.

How it Works

The website has an installed 3D shirt designer where the consumer can go and choose the kind of fit that suits him. The revolutionary shirt designer will allow the consumer to customize his shirt according to his personal style statement. He will have the liberty to choose the kind of collar, sleeve, pocket or cuffs he wants his shirt to have along with the kind of fabric to go with the shirt’s design.


You can choose a pattern (stripes, checks, solids or prints), fabric (cotton or Egyptian giza cotton) and the colour. After the fabric and design have been finalized, the third step then remains to send the company your measurements for which you have an option to either send a shirt that fits you the best or other more convenient options of sending your shirt/body measurements to the company online.

These days consumers have immense options to shop how, where and whenever they want. To keep them interested, brands need to constantly evolve. Giving buyers the freedom to click and design a shirt was an excellent way chosen by Vitruvien.

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