Best Super Bowl 50 Commercials

The biggest television event is over. Yes, we’re talking about the Super Bowl of course. Why is a football game so huge, you ask? Well, apart from the actual physical game of football, the Super Bowl is the hub for companies to grab that coveted 30-second time slot to promote their products. And with at least a 100 million people around the world tuning in, a $5 million fee for a tiny TV spot is worth it. Here’s a look at the best TV ads seen at this year’s Super Bowl 50.

Heinz: Weiner Dogs Running Towards Ketchup Masters

This Heinz ad where a bunch of the cutest weiner dogs dressed as hot dogs run towards their owners who are dressed up in a variety of Heinz ketchup flavours is your daily dose of cuteness which gets the message across.

Drake’s Restricted Bling 

The song Hotline Bling told the world that Drake can sell absolutely anything. T-Mobile understood Drake’s gift and put it to good use. This ad features Drake in his smiling, sparkly teeth best, trying to sell T-Mobile by ‘not’ selling every other carrier.

Death Wish Coffee

A New York startup won 30 free seconds at the Super Bowl from Intuit QuickBooks and created this clever Viking-themed ad. A ship full of pumped up Vikings is a metaphor for the strength and power of a cup of Death Wish coffee.

Hulk and Ant-Man Fight Over Coca-Cola 

Marvel’s biggest and smallest superheroes fight over a can of Coca-Cola. The end will bring tears to the eyes of  Marvel fanboys alike. We need to see this team up more often!


No, you didn’t read that wrong. This is exactly what you’ll find in one of the most bizarre ads this year. The ad shows a puppymonkeybaby enter the room where three ‘bored’ men are watching TV. The puppymonkeybaby hands them a Mountain Dew Kickstart drink each and sings ‘puppymonkeybaby’ until it sinks in and gives you nightmares tonight. Don’t let that stop you from watching the ad it though.


We end with an ad that made us laugh out the most. There’s something warm and touching about a relationship between a father and his child. But when it comes to a packet of Dorito chips, the relation is next level.


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