Angry Birds Movie TV Commercial

TV Commercial for the Angry Birds Movie is Here

They may be late but they are finally here -say hello to Angry Birds in this TV commercial for the film. The rage might have died down a bit about the world’s favourite fowls but Sony and Rovia, the makers of the movie are hoping to revive it. Check out the ad below.

Even though the Angry Birds brigade seemed like it was here to stay, the fervour dwindled gradually, as is true with any popular culture trend. Back then, these little birds made their way to all sorts of fan-merchandise -from stationery to electronics to cupcakes, Angry Birds were everywhere. In 2011, China became home to an Angry Birds theme park.

As far as the movie goes, audiences saw the theatre trailer of the film in September last year. And now May 20th has been officially announced as the release date of the film in the USA. The cast of the film involves names like Peter Dinklage and Josh Gad. Let’s see if Sony and Rovio can recreate the same excitement as was once associated with Angry Birds come May 2016.

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