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Star Wars Quotes that You Can Apply in Real Life

If you’re on the internet, then you must have noticed the whole world going insane about the new Star Wars movie. We are too. The seventh instalment to the Star Wars franchise, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, released in the U.S and other countries on the 18th of December. However, fas in India will have to wait a week longer for the movie and will also have to avoid all the millions of spoilers online.

So in celebration of the new Star Wars movie, we look at some popular lines from the previous films that are so profound that they can be applied to our everyday life.

Quote – “May the Force be with you” – Almost every one on the good side


Context – Of course, the one quote that is synonymous with the movie and that every Star Wars fan and non-fan will know only too well. The Force is not only that which gives a Jedi his power, but it is a life source that surrounds everyone and everything.

Real-life application – The quote is used in the movies to wish someone luck. So, the next time you’re giving an exam and your friend is absolutely terrified, just use the quote and the Force will take care of the rest. Let’s not simply rely on the Force too much, though.

Tone – Reassuring

Quote – “Fear is he path to the Dark Side” – Yoda

Context – Star Wars isn’t just a sci-fi space opera. The real strength behind the movies lie in its inherent values. Ultimately, the movie is all about good vs evil. Jedi Master Yoda trains Luke Skywalker to become a Jedi. Only more than physical training, Jedi’s rely on their will and the Force. Anger, rage, fear all lead to the Dark Side.


Real-life application – We all love giving life advice which we seldom use ourselves. This quote comes in handy when you want to calm down a troubled friend or loved one. The line can also accompany the first quote for the exams. The idea here is to be zen and clear your mind of all fear and rage and instead be completely at one with your self.

Tone – Advisory

Quote – “But I was going into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters.” – Luke Skywalker 

Context – Luke was planning to go into Tosche Station to pick up some power converters, but Uncle Owen scotches those plans by asking him to clean the new droids instead.

Real-life application – The next time your mother or father need you to tag along for some boring, menial work, use the line and try to get out of it. We’re not saying you’ll succeed, but it is different from the same old excuse you would rather give.

Tone – Whiny

Quote – “Do. Or do not. There is no try.” – Yoda

Context – Luke tells Yoda that he’ll ‘try’ to use the Force to pull out his X-Wing fighter from the swampy water. But for Yoda, there is no trying in his dictionary.

Real-life application – Another line that works well to motivate either yourself or your close ones. It’s a rather firm and often harsh way of getting someone to do something. But sometimes that’s required to get the work done.

Tone – Stern


Quote – “Travelling through hyperspace ain’t like dusting crops, farm boy” – Han Solo

Context – Han Solo is the pilot of the Millennium Falcon, the fastest vessel in the Galaxy. Han has a very special bond with the Falcon and can’t stand anyone bad mouthing her. Han also takes a lot of pride in the way he pilots his starship.

Real-life application – Use the line when you want to show people you know exactly what you’re doing. Let nobody doubt your skill or capabilities no matter how long you take to show it. Also, make sure the person you just called a ‘farm boy’ doesn’t take it too offensively!

Tone – Boastful

Quote – “If there’s a bright centre to the universe, you’re on the planet that it’s farthest from” – Luke Skywalker


Context – Luke Skywalker has always wanted to fight for the Rebel Alliance to overthrow the Empire. So, he isn’t exactly to happy about living  a humdrum existence as a moisture farmer on Tatooine with his Uncle Owen and Aunt Beru.

Real-life application – The line is useful on days you feel absolutely cynical and morbid about your life and your existence. Of course, the line only works if someone asks you what planet this is, and if that question ever arises there’s just something fishy about the whole picture, isn’t it?

Tone – Pessimistic

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