TV Shows to Binge-Watch This Week

It’s a new week and we’re all getting into our work mode, but that doesn’t mean your evenings need to be dull. It’s the perfect time to catch up on some TV shows you’ve been missing out on, or finding a new favourite. We’ve got some suggestion for both. Here’s a list of some TV shows for you to binge on this week.

The Flash (Season 2)

We’ll start with one of our favourites first. Season 2 of The Flash has begun and we’re 7 episodes down. The Flash is a DC comics superhero who is the ‘fastest man on earth’. The Flash has superhuman speeds, among other powers, and stops bad guys and all that jazz.

The first season of The Flash was met with widespread critical acclaim. It saw Barry Allen coming to terms with his new found powers after a particle accelerator explosion that caused metahumans (people with powers) to happen, which included Barry Allen himself. To cut a long story short, season 1 sees Barry’s Flash faceoff against the man who killed his mother a.k.a the Reverse Flash.

Season 2 picks up after the singularity event in the finale of season 1. The singularity (breach in time and space) now introduces a parallel earth, called Earth 2, where Earth 1 dopplegangers reside. It is also where Barry’s next nemesis, the ever-scary Zoom, lives and is bent upon being the only fastest man alive. Earth 2 also introduces the Golden Age Flash by the name of Jay Garrick and the return of Harrison Wells. Season 2 has been epic so far and a crossover mid-season finale is ready to melt minds. So, this is the perfect time to catch up on the show by binging on the first 7 episodes from season 2.

Arrow (Season 4)

Before The Flash there was Arrow. Arrow, or Green Arrow is another DC comic superhero alongside the Flash. It’s the story of billionaire Oliver Queen returning to Star City after being shipwrecked on an island for 5 years. The past 3 seasons has seen the Arrow fight off against villains like Deathstroke and Raz Al Ghul, and also a crossover event with the Flash in season 3.

Season 4 sees a new player in town by the name of Damien Darkh, who is not only the most threatening villain so far, but who also has supernatural powers, which is a first for a show that has so far dealt with realism, unlike the Flash. New seasons of the Flash and Arrow began at the same time, which means Arrow is 7 episodes down too. So, if you’re planning to binge on the Flash, you may want to simultaneously catch up on Arrow, since December 1 and 2 will see a mega crossover event between the two shows.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones

If you’ve watched season 1 of Netflix’s Daredevil (and loved it) then this spinoff is a must see. Marvel’s Jessica Jones is to Daredevil what The Flash is to Arrow. The show sees Jessica Jones – part of the Defenders that include Daredevil and Luke Cage – in Hells Kitchen, New York. Krysten Ritter stars as Jones, a former superhero who opens her own detective agency after an end to her superhero career. The supporting cast includes Doctor Who‘s David Tennant as the antagonist Killgrave who has the ability to control anyone, really.


Jessica Jones, much like Daredevil, has taken a darker route of storytelling that is quite different from your typical Marvel productions. in fact, Jessica Jones might be the darkest Marvel production so far. The show explores themes of PTSD, rape, and sexuality. The show is more personal, psychological (achieved through Kilgraves menacing performance) and explores the concept of pain and trauma like no other Marvel show has so far. Reviews have praised the performances of Ritter and Tennant. Some have even gone on to compare Tennant’s Kilgrave to Ledger’s Joker. We’ll have a detailed review of Jessica Jones shortly.

Jessica Jones premiered on the 20th of November on Netflix. All episodes are available for streaming (or other means), because Netflix.

Fargo (Season 2)

Season 2 of Fargo retains all the elements of what made season 1 so great. The storyline here is completely different. There is no smiling, near-psychopathic hitman like Lorne Malvo here. There is no mild-mannered yet deeply insecure insurance salesman like Lester Nygard. What we have instead is a community living out Camus’s interpretation of Sisyphus – that is to find pleasure in the redundancy and absurdity of life.

The story is set in Luverne, Minnesota, Fargo, North Dakota, and Sioux Falls, South Dakota in 1979 and follows beautician Peggy Blomquist (Kirsten Dunst) and her husband, butcher Ed Blomquist (Jesse Plemons), as they cover up the hit-and-run and murder of Rye Gerhardt, son of Floyd Gerhardt (Smart), matriarch of the Gerhardt crime family in Fargo. Season 2 also sees Patrick Wilson and Ted Danson as Lou Solverson and Sheriff Hank Larsson  investigating three murders committed by Rye Gerhardt as well as protecting Republican presidential candidate Ronald Regan during his campaign stop in Luverne


Fargo season 2 is six episodes down with four more left to go. The show has received unanimous praise and a 100% fresh in RottenTomatoes. Download now (by any means necessary) and binge on.

The Walking Dead (Season 6)

If you’re looking for some post-apocalyptic zombie show where gore and violence is everywhere, then binging on the latest season of The Walking Dead is just what you need. Be warned though, if you’re a newbie to The Walking Dead then you may want to start from Season 1 because, well, spoilers.

Lead character Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his band of not-so-merry men and women, journey from one place to another looking for survivors or a place to survive, while killing some hundred zombies or Walkers on their way. The reason the show is so popular is because it’s not just your average zombie apocalypse show. The Walking Dead explores themes of right and wrong, the line between surviving and become a cold-blooded killer, and the line between human and a human-walker that often get blurred throughout the show.

Season 6 continues where 5 left off – with Rick and his band trying to settle in Alexandria and get along with the inhabitants of Safe Zone. The season also sees the return of Morgan Jones (Lennie James), who was the first survivor Rick encountered way back in season 1. 7 episodes of the current season have been released as of now with one more to go before the mid-season break.


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