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The Bro Code : Unique Accessory WebStore, Where Celebs Go Shopping!

Ask any Celebrity Stylist, and he will hone the benefits of a strategically placed accessory to you. These fashion world elves realise the importance that even a single piece of accessory plays in creating a groomed look.

Most of us though, continue to treat accessories as avoidable add-ons, and commit the one mistake that ruins every other effort we put in bringing the outfit together. We don’t realise that accessories are what effortlessly tie in all elements of our look together.

To the common man’s benefit, however, there exists a unique webstore for men’s accessories – The Bro Code.


Just as cool as its name sounds, it also offers interesting stuff for detailed male dressing – from ties to cuff links, pocket squares and even adorable bow ties. And here’s the best part about it, you will be joining the ranks of Bollywood hunks like Ranveer Singh and Varun Dhawan by becoming a regular customer at The Bro Code.



The Bro Code was started by Sohel Lalvani and his sister Sonali Lalvani of the popular Toniq accessories. Sohel told the Mid-Day in an interview,

“Being a consumer of men’s accessories, I realised that there isn’t much on offer, except by high-end luxury brands. It’s the reason why we launched The Bro Code.”

But what really has gotten everybody talking about it is the excellent range and rich taste of all its products. Also, even today India is still in its nascent stage when it comes to men’s fashion, and there a few stores like The Bro Code who are catering to such minute details in the Man’s world.

Bro Code


So be it for the purpose of layering in this sultry summer, having a distinct personal style or simply hoarding on to everything that feels pricey and nice, men you know where to head off (virtually, of course). We hope the women are listening as well, since this is where the search for a guy’s perfect gift ends.

You can visit The Bro Code here.

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