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Delhi’s Open Air Gyms : Would You Dare To Exercise In Full Public View?

Unless you’re a fitness freak , the chances that you’ll actually hit the local gym depends entirely on your rising weight/ fat levels. Its only post a friendly intervention or a surprise check in the frank mirror that usually shame you into hitting the gym and sweatily exercising each day away. But this fitness regime begins and ends in the complete privacy of those four walls of your gym. And so, however much some one may suggest the alternative of a healthy jog in the local park,  you just cannot relent yourself into sweating and heaving away in those tight pants, in full public view.

Thus, we introduce you to, Open Air Gyms. The NDMC has come up with this one-of-a-kind initiative, to promote healthy living among the residents of our all-work-no-play city. It has recently launched its third open air gym in Nizamuddin East Park, following similar launches in Lodhi Garden and Nehru Park . The idea is to induce an alternative exercise regime, that’s economic in installation and maintenance. To merit the government’s effort, these green gyms, will come with a set of 12 equipments, ranging from abs to leg shapers. A lot of people who prefer to walk or jog across the public parks, can benefit from these stately, free of cost, open air gyms.

A community workout sounds nice, but would you dare to bare your sweaty lair? A full public view to the kids, the aunties, the neighbour and ooh..that crush, a little intimidating, no ?

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