YOLO Syndrome : How to Break the Rules of Fashion and Dress Like There is No Tomorrow

This Summer Season, is all about being bold, whether you’re a man or a woman. Reiterating the mantra of You Only Live Once (YOLO) , eccentric dressing has entered the male wardrobe and is daring him to sport masculine oomph. Far away from the conventional, plain shades of Blacks, Blues and Whites, we see a range of colour and glitter upping the male style quotient. Here’s how you too can transform into a YOLO dresser.

Floral Prints

Flowery is not girly! Sabyasachi proved it with his Spring Summer Collection at the Amazon India Fashion Week, by dressing his male models in large floral prints, from top to bottom. The delicate flowers sewn and printed across pastel colored fabrics gave the men a royal look.


Coloured Suits

Dolce & Gabbana has started a revolution in the black and white world of professional suits. At the Milan Fashion Week, they dressed their models in a delightfully sharp range of coloured suits, turning work place dressing, interesting.


Bright & Loud

Men no longer need to shy away from going bright. This season, fashion houses such as Etro and dSquared2 are fiercely dressing men in loud primary colours. They are also using the technique of colour blocking, to make heads turn.

colors etro

Pretty in Pink

Wearing Pink is a tricky art, mastered only by a few. Brands like Versace and Jill Sanders went really big with this colour on men, this season. Believing only a real man can carry it off, they dressed their models in ample shades of it.



YOLO dressing is all about daring the eccentric look and carrying it off in the most macho way possible. Men, have fun with your clothes this season and experiment with colours and prints to your heart’s content… after all, you have been sanctioned to do so by the Fashion Giants.

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