10 Tips to Ensure You Throw the Most Elegant Christmas Party This Year

Elegant and upscale go hand in hand with the holiday season. This Christmas calls for a sophisticated soiree, but planning a party can sometimes be tedious. So, we decided to give you a little Christmas treat by planning out a bit for you.

Follow these ten tips to ensure that you throw the most elegant party this year:

1. Start with a classy invitation

A creatively wrapped invitation card is a blend of high class and style. Make your party unique by choosing the most suitable invitation design.


2. Burlap and Lace Wreath

Try the classic Christmas door decor with a fresh twist. Wreaths made up of burlap and lace are the new pretty grabs this year.

Tip: Glue a few pearls to your wreath to make it even merrier.


3. Let go of Conventional Lighting

This Christmas, you really need to let go of conventional Christmas lighting. Say hello to string lights stuffed in glass jars.

Tip: Cover the top of the jars with laced cloth pieces or tie green and red ribbons around the jars’ neck to make them more festive.

Christmas-decor-mason-jars-6854. Let your table ooze class

Bring out your fancy china to the table and place red and green satin table cloths on them. On the table cloth, place your silverware covered with tree wraps. Decorate your tablescape with beautiful candles standing tall in candle stands.

Tip: To give it a personal touch, place round glass jars filled with water on the table. Dip a few Christmas ornaments and float red candles in it.


5. Reindeer Cupcakes are your next stop

There will be no leftovers if you get these cupcakes out in your party. Adorable and easy to bake, these reindeer cupcakes are hard to resist.

Reindeer Cupcakes6. Wreath to Eat

Wreaths are not just for doors, if you are creative enough. Serve Pizza Wreath to your guests and watch them get awestruck. It’s a little bit of work, but it’ll surely make your friends crown you the Best Christmas Host!

Pizza Wreath

 7. Serve The Classic Christmas Flavour in a Punch Bowl

Punches are the best hands-off way to serve drinks at a holiday party. The punch you need to try this year is Plum Sangria. An easy, make-ahead cocktail, it is delightfully boozy and guaranteed to impress your guests.


8. Set up a photo booth

From Halloween parties to Christmas dinners, photo booths are all the rage. And that is why you need one at your Christmas party as well. Grab some cool Christmas props, set up your own photo booth and rule the social media.

Photo Booth Props

9. Glam up for your Party

Don’t forget to wear a beautiful dress or a classy tux for your party. Dressing up needs no reason. Choose your attire wisely. Go for the classic reds and silvers or experiment if you like!

Glam Up10. Wrap your Return Gifts

Give your friends a souvenir to help them commemorate your amazing party. Keep it simple, yet gratifying.

Tip: Tie pretty bows around simple block candles and attach a thank you note with it. Trust me, they’ll remember what a good host you were.

CandlesThrow the best party this Holiday season and become the best host in town!

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