Jurassic World Official Trailer : The Original Monsters are Back

Among all the adaptations, remakes and continuation of long franchises, Jurassic World is the one that sends the chills down the spine. Well, we loved the first one and the idea is great, but we need more visual feast. The tagline of Jurassic World, “The park is open,” will make you revisit those old memories, but there’s going to be nothing like old. From what we make out of the official trailer is that this is going to the movie of the next year, at least for us.

Well, as far as the trailer is concerned, this Jurassic World trailer was supposed to drop on Thanksgiving night, but for some reason Universal chose to release it about twenty minutes ago. The 160-second trailer introduces new characters, Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard, and hints at a new threat that will kick-start all of the ‘running and screaming’ to come in the film’s second and third acts. The extreme dinosaur super havoc will come to theaters on 12th June, 2015.

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