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This is ‘Jatinder’, The Only Dating App That Brown People Will Ever Need

Tinder is a fast-growing dating app in the west, while Indians are restricted to WhatsApp (which needs the number) and Facebook (you know those profiles with no info but a Justin Bieber DP). Here’s an app you should recommend to everyone looking for a prospective bride/groom on Tinder – the ‘desi’ Jatinder!

In a stomach-aching hilarious video, YouTube comedian JusReign has come up with the Indian version of Tinder, The Ja(tinder). Well, this app addresses the crucial need of bio-data of the prospective bride and groom, which is absent in the original app. For example, why can’t I add my caste to my profile page? Or why is it so hard to find someone who can make tea?

Though, the dating apps weren’t made to meet all of your (and your parents’) qualifications, but JusReign has come up with the best alternative. Essentially ‘Jatinder’ is a Tinder with some much-needed ‘brown’ options. The three-minute clip includes a focus on features, including a hands-free option and testimonials from pretty satisfied brown people who’ve used the app.

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