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May the Fourth Be Upon Us

As we begin our journey as Trend Police, we think there couldn’t have been a better day to start a long lasting adventure leading to galaxies far far away. The universal geek holiday is upon us and we decided to celebrate the Star Wars Day by proving to you how the global nerd obsession with the movie is actually helping the lives of people who ridiculed those techies for their infatuations with the movies.

So here we list some of the practical real world applications of the inspirations from the movies. May the fourth be with you!

1.  Space Travel: Nothing has caught the human imagination as much as the stars in the sky. Ever since our ancestors were wandering about the African homeland, we have been mesmerized by the stars. The stars have inspired countless hand drawn art on the caves all across the world and a million and one tales that are still passed down through generations and across cultures. That’s why there was no stopping us as soon as we unlocked the secrets of  traveling to the kingdom of stars we admired for so long.
As the Star Wars were released during the peak of the Cold war’s space race, it galvanized a lot of young people to take interest in the sciences and thus helping us live the technology aided lives we live now. The science of space travel has given us some incredible technological advances which has fueled the high tech economies of today.

2. Prosthetic: There can’t be a more humane inspiration from the movies. Though not a lot of folks are unfortunate enough to lose their hands to their dad’s light sabers, there are a lot people in real life that need help with degenerated organs. Prosthesis are definitely making lives better for millions of individuals around the world. Especially the development in bionic limbs and organs is giving full functionality to people with disabilities.

3. Hologram Technology: It is the coolest communication system that a good amount of our technology is moving towards. A full-fledged holographic communication medium will dwarf emails or video calling services of today. The technology has recently been used by Indian election’s frontrunner Narendra Modi to address his followers at several rallies at the same time.

4. Force Fields: Yes of course we don’t have the awesome laser deflection shields like the Death star possessed, instead shielding technology is keeping soldiers and tanks safe in the battle fields. Real-life force fields are detailed from metal plates installed directly to the exterior of a vehicle. BAE systems are the front runners in this technology.

5. Robots: Yes, the Star Wars saga is incomplete without the droids that the empire keeps looking for. Even though it looked like a trash can, R2D2 was instrumental in saving the lives of the main characters at multiple occasions. There were all kinds of droids in the movies: Translator droids, medical droids, soldier droids and a lot more. The robotic technology has now percolated through most of our present economies, they are being used at mass production lines, for complicated surgical procedures or someone to just have fun with like the Asimo. We seriously believe though that Jim Parsons is really C3PO, he just got that procedure done on himself that Robin Williams had in Bicentennial Man.

Star wars still continues to enthrall all who still watch it, even after three decades after its first appearance and we are hopeful that it will do the same to a lot more who are still to come.

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