John Oliver Innovates a Cute New Way of Covering Boring Supreme Court Hearings

Supreme Courts are an extremely important cog in the workings of a democratic nation. It is one of the holy trinity of a democratic government along with the legislature and executive. It is there that all the ideas and opinions designed to run the country and our lives are given shape.

But the procedures inside the court can be long, tedious and extremely boring. To counter that, John Oliver has come up with an innovative solution. Taking hints from the internet’s craze for cat videos, John and his team has assembled a Supreme court setting with dogs. These dogs come with fake paws so they can do different actions.

John’s team at Last Week Tonight is giving these footages out for free for anyone to create their own Supreme Court hearing. Now even though the footage is designed for the American court, you can easily use it to overlap it with the audio of your country’s court.

John Oliver needs to be appreciated to create a show that brings information about the things that really matter to us. Not just that, he also makes it interesting enough for the internet-aided ADHD generation. What the internet makes of this is going to be truly interesting to watch.

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