A New Fall Season Approaches: Premier Dates of All Your Favorite Shows

After what felt like a long, long wait, September is finally here. For a television show maniac like me, this begins a season of happiness. Last season saw the departure of the much loved, How I Met Your Mother. It left with lots of mixed emotions. Now a lot of shows will be fighting for the viewer’s attention. Returning back will be everyone’s favorite Big Bang Theory and Modern Family, along with hosts of others.

We list out the premiere dates of all your favorite show here, so you don’t miss any.

1. Big Bang Theory

BIg Bang theory

Date : September 22

This show without a doubt is huge. It is the most watched US show home side as well as internationally. Last season saw Leonard and Penny finally agreeing to tie the knot. To the relief of a lot of Indian nerds, Raj finally gets a redhead girlfriend. But for the star of the show, the changes were overwhelming. So Sheldon departed into an unknown rail adventure to figure things out.
The season premiere will show Penny in a new avatar. Having quit her dreams of stardom she is expected to don the role of a pharmaceutical rep for Bernadette’s company. It will also clear what happened to Sheldon’s first impromptu adventure, if he takes one that is!

2. Modern Family

modern family

Date : September 24

A family that is on screen together is loved by all. Modern family ended last season with an eventful gay wedding which involved multiple venue and minister changes. This year will begin with Cam and Mitch’s Honeymoon coming to an end. Gloria is getting PO’ed at Jay for not making an effort for himself. Alex returns from her humanitarian trip and the power balance at the Dunphy household is about to go awry.

3. Agents of Shield

Agents of Sheild

Date : September 23

The first season of Agents of Shield began on a low note. So much so that people speculated that the show might get cancelled midway. Then Captain America 2 released and everything started falling into place. The show took an upwards momentum and didn’t look back. This time around the team has to start from scratch as SHIELD has been dismantled. They will undertake various missions. There are several speculations about what would become of Fitz, who suffered a life-threatening oxygen loss in his brain and Ward who was beaten to the ground my Agent May for being a mole. There will also be addition of new faces this time around.

4. Brooklyn Nine Nine

Brooklyn Nine Nine

Date : September 28

SNL Alumni Andy Samberg is a lovable geek who is capable of making us roll on the floor laughing. His Lonely Island videos a loved world over. Andy became huge during his run at Saturday Night Live. Brooklyn Nine Nine won Andy his truly deserved Golden Globe for Best Comedy Actor. It is probably the best cop comedy show out there. The American police need a funny look at themselves considering the growing public resentment against them. Last season saw Detective Peralta (Samberg) telling Detective Santiago about his feelings for her before leaving for a dangerous mission. What happens next… will be found out this season.

5. The Mindy Project

The Mindy Project

Date : September 16

Our favourite Gynaecologist is back! Mindy Lahiri (Kaling) is all set to take her project into the third season. At the end of last season we saw Mindy and Danny get together at the most clichéd romantic spot, the roof of Empire State building. Now the first episode of this season is named “We’re a Couple Now, Haters!” which is pretty self-explanatory. Can’t wait for Mindy’s new adventures.

6. Mom

Big Sur and Strawberry Lube

Date : September 29

This is Chuck Lorre’s latest sitcom along with Big Bang Theory and Two and a Half Men. The series got the amazing Allison Janney her sixth Emmy. The actress whose most prolific role has to be C J Cregg from the West Wing, plays the role of a less than ideal Mom in this sitcom. She along with another awesome actress, Anna Faris make a hilarious duo who touch upon some important subjects. The show is a commentary on the lives of single mothers who put all they have in raising their kids. It also shows the struggle faced by low-income families. This season will see them falling into further financial abyss and how they cope with that.

7. The Simpsons


Date : September 28

The 26th season of adventures of America’s First animated family is about to arrive. The lineup of episodes looks impressive. The first episode called ‘Clown in the Dumps’ will see Krusty finally retiring because of a comedy roast on him. The episode will star Sarah Silverman, so it’s bound to be awesome. Other guest stars arriving this season to Springfield include William Dafoe, Nick Offerman and Elon Musk. The stars of Futurama will be coming for a crossover episode called Simpsorama. Apart from these, there would be the much-touted Simpsons and Family Guy union.

8. Family Guy

simpsons guy

Date : September 28

Seth Macfarlane’s big baby enters the teens with its 13th season. The show will begin with the 1-hour extravaganza that all fans have been waiting for. The Griffin family takes a trip and lands somehow in Springfield where they meet the Simpsons family. The crossover brings together FOX’s big virtual stars together. There is also going to be a brawl over whose beer is better, Peter’s Pawtucket or Homer’s Duff. The Fanboy inside us really giggity-giddy and we can’t wait for this one. Dear Matt and Seth, please don’t ruin it!

9. Saturday Night Live


Date : September 27

The longest running comedy sketch show will mark its 40th edition this year. Quite a feat. This season will see the departure of some Nasim Pedrad, the last from the Tina Fey era of SNL. Apart from Kenan Thompson, the entire cast is recent. There are some changes to the line-up. Cecily Strong will be sadly leaving the Update desk, and it will be taken over by Michel Che who has made a name for himself as a correspondent for the Daily Show. Hope he brings the guts back to weekend update too. The first show will be hosted by Guardians of the Galaxy star Chris Pratt, and the musical guest would be Ariana Grande. The second show to be broadcasted on 4th October will have Sarah Silverman hosting and Maroon 5 handling the musical bits. So seems like a good start for the 40th anniversary of the show.

10. South Park


Date : November 3

The Kings of Crass will be arriving later than usual. South Park an animated show has for long been an expert in crossing the line. Till the 16th season, the show came in two installments of seven episodes each in two installments, but starting last season the show is being broadcasted in one go during the Fall schedule. As the show is produced in the week of its airing, the subject matter will be decided upon what’s trending during that time. The wait to watch Cartman’s new antics is just way too long.

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