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This Nail Polish Detects if Your Drink is Spiked

Women’s safety is an all-pervading issue. According to Washington Post, sexual offenses committed in college campuses have been on the rise lately. Now, as an attempt to protect the fairer sex, this experimental line of nail paints is an innovative attempt to save women from a potential sexual assault.

Made by four undergraduate students studying at North Carolina State University, these nail polishes not only make your nails look fabulous, but also detect if your drink is laced with the infamous ‘date rape drugs’ aka roofies. The chemicals misused for such purposes are odorless and tasteless, so there’s no way to tell if your drink is laced by smell or taste.

How does it work? Well, once the lacquer is neatly applied and dried, it needs to come in contact with the drink. If it is spiked, then the color of your nail paint will change as a clear warning sign.

The Undercover Colors creators’ team has been able to raise $100,000 in cash from a single investor. But that’s not surprising since the technology sounds super useful. This product would be more than welcomed by the public, provided the current testing phase goes alright. Only recently, we had discovered a portable device that drug tests your drink. However the applied-on polish is more convenient, fashionable, and there are zero chances of misplacing it.

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