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Bizarre Multi-Purpose Pens We’d Like To Get Our Hands On

In a world where the digital devices have taken over from the outdated ‘pens and pads’, we found these innovations pretty useful. The only one missing is Rita Skeeter’s Quick-Quotes Quill.

Check them out:

1.  Inkless Magic

The pen that never runs out


ConceptThis cool metal alloy pen leaves a mark on most types of paper without any ink. The mark looks like it was made with a pencil and best of all it never runs out, so you never have to worry about a pen again.

2. Night Writer LED Pen

For the midnight authors


ConceptThis cool pen has a built-in blue LED light that illuminates the page for easy writing at night without disturbing others.

3. Colour Picker Pen

Use the exact colour you want


Concept: Capture the colour from your real environment and use them in your physical drawings.

4. Cramp Free Pen

For writing those loong exam papers

Cramp free pen

ConceptMade out of sturdy aluminum, this ergonomic pen has rubber grips on three sides for your index finger and thumb, ensuring reliable, smooth writing without hand cramps.

5. Portable Pen Projector

How to secretly watch movies at work


ConceptThis Portable Pen projector is as powerful as any other projector, but it’s far more compact and intelligent. The projector is encased in a stainless steel container and comes with many neat features like Bluetooth and an LED system.

6. The Lipstick Pen

For the trendy women

lipstick pen

Concept: Really not that much to this one. This lipstick is actually a fully functional pen ready to be used. 

7. Laser Pens

For Board Meetings (or to annoy a pesky neighbour)


ConceptIt’s a regular ballpoint pen combined with a pointer for presentations and other office needs.

8. The Food Eating Pen

For the hungry writers

dine pen

Concept: It’s a spoon, it’s a fork, it’s a knife and also a pen!

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