Top 5 American Stand-Up Comedians of All Time

You don’t have to be a comedy geek to enjoy several hours of laughter. Trend Police brings you the list of the top 5 stand-up comedians, with each one of them having a distinguished sense of humor and style. See if your archives include any of these major icons who changed the generally accepted view of the world by their quirky satirical monologues and routines.

1. George Carlin

Check out how the legendary icon gives an extremely ironical account of religion, and smashes all grounds of debate in terms of its sheer impracticality.

2. Bill Hicks

Another one of the comedy hotshots in all of America, who targeted the great American Dream and presented a social critique of the stupidity of an average American’s daily life. His comedy was filled with smart and honest comments on American politics, media and culture.

3. Mitch Hedberg

A rockstar in his own right, Mitchy Mitch adopted an unconventional tone of delivering the comic material that was mostly surreal. He made the absurd interesting enough to be enjoyed thoroughly by all. Mitch Hedberg had an unusual stage presence that is generallly attributed to his being anxious onstage, which has also been a widely cited reason for his wearing shades while performing.

4. Jerry Seinfeld

Best known for his role as a semi-fictional character in the 90’s sitcom Seinfeld which he co-wrote with Larry David, Jerry Seinfeld’s observational humor mainly focused on personal relationships and unnecessary social obligations and norms that got him a lot of laughs indeed.

5. Louis C.K.

Abuses may be the dominating factor in most of his acts, and his black comedy might not come across as appealing to many, however, this guy had to be on this list as he has substance in his writing. Moreover, his casual way of delivering such dark matter like it wasn’t supposed to offend anybody makes for a quintessential bitter-sweet trip. See how you like it.

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