Heading for a Haircut? Here Are The Top Celebrity Hair Trends For Inspiration

Hair today has become one of the biggest fashion statements in any industry. Men or women, old or young, a fashionable hair style speaks volume about a person. We have complied a list of the most stylish male celebrity hairstyles of the current generation:

1. The Square Cut


Will Smith, one of the highest paid actors of Hollywood, is generally seen in the Square Cut.

This men’s hairstyle produces a sleek and clean-cut appearance. This cut emphasizes the manliness of your facial features by drawing attention to your face’s angles.

2. The Buzz Cut

Brad pitt_buzz cut

Often considered one of the sexiest men alive, also know for his ever changing hairstyles, Brad Pitt is seen here pulling off the Buzz Cut with suave.

A long-standing female favourite, there is something rough and raw about this men’s hairstyle. Generally used in association with soldiers, this look gives an aura of dominance and certainty.

3. The Slicked Back

The "Don Draper" look as worn by Jon Hamm in the famous TV series Mad Men,has become iconic look among businessmen of today

The “Don Draper” look as worn by Jon Hamm in the famous TV series Mad Men,has become an iconic look among businessmen of today

Slicked-back hair looks, well, slick. It’s a retro-inspired style that instantly makes any guy look like “Don Draper” and there’s no woman alive that isn’t charmed by this confident air and sophisticated hair.

4. Natural Curls

james franco-curls

Known famously for his role in the Spiderman series and 127 Hours, the fashionable James Franco is popularly known for is Curls.

Natural curls are both boyishly sweet and ruggedly masculine. The soft ruffles remind women of their first boy crushes, and the same time personify a strong, sporty and outdoorsy look.

5. The Side Parting

Leonardo Dicaprio, among many men of Hollywood is often seen with the professional Side Parting

This hairstyle is reminiscent of a traditional yet classically professional hairstyles. This style is suggestive of a fuss free personality with good latent instincts.

6. The Mohawk


Brazilian footballer and heart-throb, Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior is one of the many sportsmen with The Mohawk

One of most popular look among sportsmen today, especially the on-going FIFA World cup; the Mohawk exuberates an aura of masculinity, style and sportiness.

7. The Ponytail

Image: Roger Federer

Winner of 17 Grand Slams, Swiss Tennis star Roger Federer is famously seen with his ponytail after winning his first ever Wimbeldon

There’s nothing sexier than a guy who feels confident enough to rock a well-groomed ponytail. Longish hair has always had a certain rebellious sex appeal to it and gives an alternative edge compared to the cliché clean cut and shaven look.

8. The ‘Out of Bed’ Style

Robert pattinson-out of bed

British sex symbol, Robert Pattinson is frequently seen with the “Out of Bed” hairstyle.

Who thought getting out of bed would bring about a popular hairstyle? However women love men who are intuitive and impulsive, the ‘out of bed’ look suggests exactly that. It gives a certain ruggedness and manliness and if pulled of well it is one of the most “in” looks among men

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