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The Dior VIII Collection Set to Take Up All Our Time

Since our beloved smartphones have taken over, it has become tough to stay loyal to our collection of watches. We admit that their importance may have diminished, in the history of timekeeping devices – a watch is steadily losing out. However, all is forgotten once you lay eyes on the Dior VIII Collection. The belief returns and strengthens: as an accessory, it’s here to stay.


This one pays respect and carries forward Christian Dior legacy of sticking to his lucky number ‘8’. The seventy pieces are distributed among three styles:  Dior VIII, Dior III Montaigne and the Dior Grand Bal.

The thirty styles in Dior VIII further Dior’s love for the number. It stands for the day the fashion house was created (8th October 1946) and the name of his first collection ‘En Huit’ which translates to the 8th arrondissement of Paris where the Dior house was founded on Avenue Montaigne.

Dior 30The second style, Dior VIII Montaigne pays homage to the iconic home of Christian Dior in Paris. Nestled between the famous Champs Elysees Avenue and the Seine river banks, the famous 30 Avenue Montaigne is thick with fashion history. It now homes the flagship store of Dior. The line up of timepieces in the Dior VIII Montaigne Collection channel the colours and the authenticity of the celebrated address with shades of grey. Incidentally, it was also the Couturier’s favourite colour pallette. Taking inspiration from the Parisian address, they managed to transport the charm, structure and spirit of the same into elegant wraparound wrist ornaments.

dior-viii-The last one, the Dior Grand Bal has been inspired by the most extravagant piece of clothing in a woman’s wardrobe: A Ball Gown. It transports you back to the age of cocktail dresses and evening skirts; as formal as it can get. The creators found a way to incorporate the swirl of a ballgown using strategically placed jewels.

Each of the seventy charming timepieces are an alluring blend of a steel casing and sparkling diamonds, mixed with soft hues of pink and blue. Instinctively, you still might spend a couple of minutes rummaging through your bag, reaching for your smartphone to check the hour. But like we already mentioned, that’s not what the Dior VIII stands for.

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